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Content of the Prehistoric chapter is finished!

It is true, after a long years, the story of your tribe is going to it‘s end. Finish your cave paintings journey and find help for your people!

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Explore the history of art. Explore ArtFormer.

ArtFormer is oldschool cinematic platformer game inspired by the history of art and great classic platformers like Prince of Persia or Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Full release is planed for 2021.

Explore a living world, solve puzzles, admire beautiful art and meet lot of different characters. Try the fun learning about art's history and be a part of it in each chapter of Artformer.

Cave paintings
BG cover
20.000 B.C.

THE STORY of the first chapter is about a young boy, soon being initiated into manhood by his tribe. Unexpectedly, the herd of buffalos ruins the village. Help your tribe, travel trough the dangerous caves, learn how to fight and bring your people back home.

INSPIRATION came from the prehistorical cave paintings in Africa and Europe, as Tassili, Altamira and others all around the world.

IDEA of this game is to pay tribute to all unknown antient artists.

It's an entertaining way how to show the significant visual elements of an important era in Art history, rather than perfect reproduction of one specific painting.

Prehistoric gif
Egyptian papyrus
BG cover
1200 B.C.

THE STORY of second chapter is about Faraon's journey to the underworld. Help him to get over the dangerous river of Nile and get his mumificated body to the tomb....

INSPIRATION came from the papyrus paintings, freaque on tomb's walls funeral equipment artefacts. statues in Egypt and many more.

IDEA of this chapter is to try to reproduce the atmosphere and myth of Egyptian life after death in it's characteristical esthetics.

Pharaoh Ramsesse II just died. Help to get his sarcophagus to the tomb and his soul to the underworld.

egypt gif
Greek pottery
BG cover
800 B.C.

THE STORY of the third chapter is about Odysseus and his travel back home to Ithaca island. Escape from the burning city of Troy after 10 years long war. Travel across the Eagean sea and face all the danger of magical mythological creatures of antient Greek.

INSPIRATION came from almost 2500 years old pottery paintings from Greece across the styles, from Athens and Spartha to other mediterranean cultures as Minoan Crete.

IDEA of this chapter is to show on Homer‘s story of Odyssey the basics of Greece antient mythology in visualy attractive, dynamic action way with some variables where can the player choose to travel on his way back home to Ithaca.

greece gif
Roman mosaic
BG cover
80 B.C.

In THE STORY of the fourth chapter you are on a way to became the gladiator during the antient Roman republic. Find the fighters school, train yourself, choose your style, make friends or enemies and fight for glory in the arena. But allways be carefull, because the danger is everywhere.

INSPIRATION came from the Roman mozaic over 2000 years old, found in Italy at Rome, Pompei, Sicily and many others.

Idea of this chapter is not to glorify violence during gladiator games. We want to show the cruelty of these games by player‘s choices with dedly consequences in contrast with high estetic level of Roman culture.

Rome gif
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What they say about us?

We wish best of luck to the developers, because they surely deserve the support of players. They are working on the title which is, like other interesting Czech games, very different from mainsteam western production.
ArtFormer the game is not just a great fun with a great visual idea, it is authentic education portal to the world of history of art. It has a lot to offer, not just for the fans of videogames, but also for the admirers of art and history.
If you like indie games with high-level of originality, you should not miss the upcoming ArtFormer.

What they say about us?