Fighting through the Ages

September 27, 2021 by Jan

The world we live in is governed by the relentless laws of nature. If you are not a successful hunter, you become prey. The evolution of humanity goes hand in hand with these laws, and humanity fought for survival with other creatures since the dawn of time. Then people fight for hunting grounds, raw materials, territory or domination. Life is a struggle and sometimes fighting can become meaning of life.

The basics of combat in the individual chapters of ArtFormer are similar, but with an increasingly developed society, wars are becoming more sophisticated and deadlier.

A spear follows an ordinary branch. Its biggest advantage is the extension of the human arm with a deadly tip at the end. You will hunt for dangerous wild animals: antelopes, lions, prehistoric giant ostriches, but also inevitably enemy warriors.

Even though you are in the skin of an educated doctor, even here you cannot avoid the struggle for survival. In addition to reason and knowledge of healing you will not hesitate to correct the audacity of enemies with your fists.

With the development of civilization, new weapons are emerging. In this chapter, RPG elements in the form of classic armaments are added. You will soon become acquainted with swords, which will combined with shields and metal cuirasses for the body. Armament can now be exchanged, using
will wear it.

The development of a character who fights his way through the cruel world of gladiatorial matches is also reflected in the growing importance of your weapons. You will fight not only by swords and spears, but also, for example, tridents. You will have a choice to swap the equipment variably and buy new weapons and armors by money.

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