July 7, 2019 by Jan Vavřiník

Jan Frix Šídlo

Project leader, game designer and 2D/3D artist. Currently working as 3D artist in SCS software. Previously 3D environment artist and level designer for Hobo: Tough Life

Adam Hrubý

Adam is responsible for game’s code and optimalization. He currently study IT on university in Prague. His favourite languages are C#, PHP and JS. In his free time he like to do fishing or geocaching.

Jiří Sandeagle Doseděl

Currently working as 3D artist leader for roads assets in SCS software Previously: 3D artist in film industry

Dominik Luksa

Currently working as 3d artist – vehicles in SCS software Previously: Animator in SCS software

Jan Vavřiník

Former gaming journalist, currently working as freelancing web designer & developer.

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