September 20, 2021 by Jan


Every hero needs to take a break from walking and running and use any available resources to make their travel easier. Prehistory? Forget it!

On the contrary, run fast, then run faster still, or you’ll be trampled by an angry great-bison. In other ancient epochs however, it may just be a little easier.

In Egypt, you’ll enjoy a sightseeing boat trip, amongst your experiences on the journey you’ll discover a multitude of crocodiles, angry hippos and insidious obstacles.

Before you reach your destination, you’ll be the perfect captain of the Nile. And thou shalt ascend well into Pharaoh’s chariot, and lead him through the unforgiving desert, where you will fight hordes of demons before you find your father Ra!

In the footsteps of the Greek hero Odysseus, you will again board a ship and set sail far from the shores on a voyage through the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Harpies, Sirens and treacherous cliffs will no doubt cause your adrenaline to spike!

You get back into the saddle of a war steed in the skin of a stable-boy, who’s experiencing a deadly pursuit of thieves and paws. The pinnacle of your adventure will be a horse-drawn carriage ride in Rome’s Circus Maximus itself!

All of the epochs include dynamic action mini-games, sensitively woven into the story-line for a rich gaming experience.

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