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Content of the Prehistoric chapter is finished!

August 8, 2020 by Jan

It is true, after a long years, the story of your tribe is going to it‘s end. Finish your cave paintings journey and find help for your people!

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Early Access – why Artformer?

July 9, 2019 by Jan

What can you expect in early access of the game and why did we chose this form of release of the game? In early access you will find in stores, the game will include all main features, including all four different historical styles you could see in our screenshots and trailers. To unlock each next […]



July 7, 2019 by Jan Vavřiník

Jan Frix Šídlo Project leader, game designer and 2D/3D artist. Currently working as 3D artist in SCS software. Previously 3D environment artist and level designer for Hobo: Tough Life Adam Hrubý Adam is responsible for game’s code and optimalization. He currently study IT on university in Prague. His favourite languages are C#, PHP and JS. […]


How is the game asset created

June 30, 2019 by Jan

At first, a reserch need to be done. In this case, we will talk about Buffalo asset as an example.  As resourse for  information and inspiration to keep the game visuals historicaly correct as possible, internet and books are used.  Wikipedia is always a great start as for the basic information, but expertly oriented books […]