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Update 1.1 is here!

March 28, 2022 by Jan

Hello fans of ArtFormer. Update of the game 1.1 is now out! What can you expect? The biggest change in this update are brand new tutorials for almost every aspect of the controls of the game. New tutorial for interaction, basic movement, ladders or climbing will help to the new players with better jump-in to […]


Fighting through the Ages

September 27, 2021 by Jan

The world we live in is governed by the relentless laws of nature. If you are not a successful hunter, you become prey. The evolution of humanity goes hand in hand with these laws, and humanity fought for survival with other creatures since the dawn of time. Then people fight for hunting grounds, raw materials, […]



September 20, 2021 by Jan

Transportation Every hero needs to take a break from walking and running and use any available resources to make their travel easier. Prehistory? Forget it! On the contrary, run fast, then run faster still, or you’ll be trampled by an angry great-bison. In other ancient epochs however, it may just be a little easier. In […]


Ancient mini-games

September 16, 2021 by Jan

Even the most delicious food becomes tiresome eventually! The best gameplay sometimes needs to change pace, or even interrupt events, so that the player isn’t forced to do the same activity over and over. That’s why we’ve placed a number of stylish and relaxing mini-games into the exciting storylines and action passages. The story won’t […]



September 9, 2021 by Jan

ANCIENT STORIES ARE THE CORNERSTONES OF ArtFormer Indie Game Studio Buffa Software proudly announces details about four storylines behind ArtFormer: Ancient Stories. Your journey through ArtFormer: Ancient Stories consists of four historical epochs, each with their own unique graphic and play-style with dynamic, action mini-games. The same applies for every individual story-line in the background […]



August 26, 2021 by Jan

ARTFORMER: ANCIENT STORIES WILL BE RELEASED IN SEPTEMBER 2021! After several hard years of Indie development, we’re ready to announce that ArtFormer: Ancient Stories will be released later this year! We’re currently aiming for September and will publish the exact date later as the development process continues. About ArtFormer ArtFormer is a story-driven cinematic platformer […]



July 21, 2021 by Jan

Developer: Buffa Software, Prague Relese date: soon in 2021 Platforms: Steam Price: 14.99 $ 14.99 € 13.99£ Description ArtFormer: Ancient Stories is a story-driven cinematic platformer with RPG elements. This Indie game project consists of four challenging story chapters each with a unique hero, varying gameplay, and original art-style. The characters and stories seen through […]


Content of the Prehistoric chapter is finished!

August 8, 2020 by Jan

It is true, after a long years, the story of your tribe is going to it‘s end. Finish your cave paintings journey and find help for your people!

Find more information in this blogpost!


Early Access – why Artformer?

July 9, 2019 by Jan

What can you expect in early access of the game and why did we chose this form of release of the game? In early access you will find in stores, the game will include all main features, including all four different historical styles you could see in our screenshots and trailers. To unlock each next […]



July 7, 2019 by Jan Vavřiník

Jan Frix Šídlo Project leader, game designer and 2D/3D artist. Currently working as 3D artist in SCS software. Previously 3D environment artist and level designer for Hobo: Tough Life Adam Hrubý Adam is responsible for game’s code and optimalization. He currently study IT on university in Prague. His favourite languages are C#, PHP and JS. […]